Ardabil in northwestern Iran, Plateau , with more than 18 thousand and 50 square kilometers , a percentage of the total area of the country does. The province north of the Aras River Plain, Magi and Balharvd in Azerbaijan , the East Mountains Talysh and Bghrv in Gilan province , south of the mountains , valleys and plains contiguous to the province and the West
East Azerbaijan province is limited .

Relation to the axis of the center of Ardabil Ardabil Astara ( col perplexity ) and are available from Rasht and Qazvin to Tehran . The city has 6 provinces , 16 districts and 2193 's villages . Ardebil city include: Ardebil , Bilesuar , warmth , anklets , and Meshkinshar PARSABAD .
Carpet weaving, knitting and woolen cloth weaving almost unique varnished , in areas such as Taha and anklets are woven by artists . Weaving rugs and seat specific artists whose work is part of Namin and amber and warm and anklets , Ardabil Index is the crafts . Carpet Ardabil province has a long history . Turkish knot carpets with designs such as Herat , Presbyterians , vases , Zill al-Sultan and Sheikh Safi Trnjdar is woven in this area . The famous Ardebil carpet , it is appropriate that the famous general and special mention should also be made ​​.
The carpet is famous for its carpets of Ardabil called the mosque in Ardebil preparedness Shah Ismail and his grandfather Sheikh Safi al-Din ( The Safavid dynasty took its name from him ) are buried , is obtained . This product on the advice of " William Morris " the Company " Vnyst Robinson " was purchased by the company that the company " Ziegler " in

Tabriz had bought . Ardabil Carpet weaving is one of the most exquisite design and most famous carpets in the world. Historically an important document because it is signed and dated . The core Trnjdan rugs or similar style with full confidence that it can be considered as belonging to the mid-sixteenth century . The carpet in 1539 AD ( 946 AH. Reddit. ) , In the thirteenth year of the reign of Shah Tahmasp woven fifty-two years old . The Persian carpet , silk and knit fabric it is . Tabriz Rugs Tabriz and in the court of Shah Tahmasp , who was chosen as its capital , is woven in the royal workshops .

The most famous historical monuments and places of interest include Grand Mosque in Ardabil, Shrine of Shaikh Safi , Sheikh Muhammad 's tomb , St Mary's Church , Lake Neor , Shirvan Valley Mall Ardabil , Shrine of Shaikh Haidar and old castles and mountains sabalan Meshkinshar .
If you are planning a trip to this province ; Nvbanyny recommends that the return path or the axis of Astara - Select Ardabil . " Pass Puzzled " centered between Astara and

Ardabil is so uniquely beautiful nature concept with a view " of the Alps, " which is defined as the area to be realized

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