Shirvan Valley

( Shirvan Valley ) is one of eleven wild habitat is located in the area sabalan . Drhsy approximately 20 kilometers southeast Shirvan Meshkinshar and Lahrvd located near the height of 2200 meters above sea level and covers an area of 75 square kilometers, it has been estimated . Thirty Shirvan valley is wide canyon rock walls Brydgyhay landscape specific to the area where the rocks Bkhshydhast Tndys·hayy seen that each man thinks he is shaved talented artist . The valleys of the south to the northern slopes sabalan ( pyramid ) of East Road Lahrvd - Shabyl , H. Field and the northern areas of the West Village Qlchqlv leads .

The habitat of the various living place around pigs , foxes , wolves , sheep , Armenian , brown bear , partridge , dove , and a number of migratory birds .

On the way to the magnificent orchards of apples and peaches and grapes are abundant visible .

Also part of the Shirvan Valley Lake for fishing , there are thirty fish habitats

Original area.

There are a number of caves that no one has ever reached the end of the long cave is a need for research facilities .

This is very fascinating caves , and even from the tribes indigenous to this area, someone had to be the end of it

It is gone.

But it is unlikely that these caves were once a place of silence BC native is likely

There is work that goes into it .

A research team from the Tehran University who once came to this area , but had not found the courage and the fact that this opportunity is not an exact science and should be considered gruesome cave .

In general , this area can not travel in winter and summer , however , too late to be familiar with this area of Erbil traveled to this point .


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